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Whatever your business size, industry or budget, you can be sure of our dedicated support.

EMA Solutions can offer your business invaluable support at every stage of its development. From formation to sale, we can assist with each phase of your company’s journey, including expansion through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, raising capital and exit strategies.
We know that your business is constantly evolving and we adapt our services to your needs, budget and goals. Our aim is to understand your long-term vision and help you to achieve it in an effective, legally compliant way.


Working with you to achieve your objectives

When you have a particular business objective to fulfil, you want to act - not be held back by red tape and legal minutiae. However, the law regulating corporations is complex and multifaceted, and there can be serious consequences for your organisation if a transaction is not compliant or a contract does not operate as intended.

Our company lawyers ensure the momentum of your business is not derailed by issues with compliance, capital or any other legal concern. We have unparalleled experience in this field of law and can offer you the certainty you need to keep moving forward.

We can advise a diverse range of clients: from start-ups to multinational corporations, entrepreneurs to investors. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business, and whatever the scale of your operations, we work conscientiously to make your envisaged next phase a reality. From big events like mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, to the company’s daily governance, you can depend on us for comprehensive support throughout.  



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While our Managing Director Dr Dawn De Coteau is called to the Bar in Grenanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis and England & Wales, we work in association with a range of seasoned attorneys and barristers in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and across the Caribbean.