Equality and Human Rights 

If you have been deprived of your fundamental rights and freedoms, we will help you to get justice.

Equality and Human Rights Lawyers, Caribbean and England & Wales

If you have been treated as less than equal, you may have a claim. 

Legislation protecting your equality and human rights enshrines the principle that all humans are free and equal in rights and dignity. Your central rights include the right to life, to freedom of conscience and freedom from discrimination. 
If your rights have been infringed, we can take action on your behalf. You may have been treated unfairly by a public authority, such as the police, a corporate body or by your place of education or work. EMA Solutions can advise on whether you have a claim and, if you do, we will help you to fight back.


Defending your freedoms, rights and dignity

Human rights transgressions can manifest in many ways and they can sometimes be difficult to recognise. You are legally entitled to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness. If you are not, you are entitled to a remedy for the unequal treatment. 
EMA Solutions is here to ensure you get justice. Our equality and human rights lawyers will listen with empathy to your experiences and advise you on your legal options. If you decide to pursue your case, we will fight for your rights tenaciously and passionately. 

We believe any trespass on a person’s human rights or equality, however small, should be challenged. You should not have to tolerate such an affront to your dignity and we will take a stand with you against discriminatory treatment in any form.

We know that the prospect of speaking truth to power is daunting. We will be right by your side throughout, and always available for you to share your needs or concerns. Together, we will get the justice you deserve.



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We will ensure your truth is heard and your rights are vindicated. Take a stand today.
While our Managing Director Dr Dawn De Coteau is called to the Bar in Grenanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis and England & Wales, we work in association with a range of seasoned attorneys and barristers in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and across the Caribbean.