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Dealing with family and matrimonial law disputes can put a severe strain on you and your loved ones. Families are sometimes reluctant to involve lawyers as they feel their conflict is a private matter, however, they often find themselves at a stalemate and unable to move forward. 
At EMA Solutions, we understand that complex emotions can surround family law issues. We are sensitive to the intimate nature of your case and work with discretion and empathy to find a resolution that suits your needs. 


If your family unit is undergoing changes, you might feel unsure about the legal and financial consequences. We can bring certainty to your situation and ensure you are prepared for what the future holds.
Perhaps your family is expanding through marriage or adoption, or maybe a divorce means you have crucial decisions to make about child custody, financial arrangements and property division. Whatever your situation, you may not be sure of your legal status, responsibilities and entitlements.

We can help you to understand your position, giving you and your family the confidence you need to progress. We offer help and advice on countless family law issues, ensuring you have a clear appreciation of where you stand and what your legal options are.

At EMA Solutions, we understand the strain that family law disputes can cause, so our holistic approach prioritises the wellbeing of your family throughout. To preserve family relationships, we avoid resolving disputes through litigation as far as possible - however, we are ready to represent your rights in court vigorously should this be required. 



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We know every family is unique, so our team provides a tailored legal service that aligns with your individual commitments, budget and requirements. Through understanding your exact needs, we will find the legal solution that is right for you.
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While our Managing Director Dr Dawn De Coteau is called to the Bar in Grenanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis and England & Wales, we work in association with a range of seasoned attorneys and barristers in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and across the Caribbean.