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When you establish a trust, you are placing your assets under the control of a trustee - a chosen person or persons who will manage the trust as you instruct. 

Trusts have many uses, such as:

    providing for loved ones after your death, including partners and children from different relationships;
    reducing tax;
    preserving assets against divorcing partners or creditors.

How you might use a trust depends on your unique financial and family situation. We can discuss your requirements with you in-depth and help you to identify how a trust could achieve the aims you want your legacy to accomplish. 


Putting your wealth to work for you

Establishing a trust ensures your money reaches the people you want and achieves your goals. We can help create the legacy you choose.

We can assist individual clients with a diverse variety of wealth management requirements. Whether you require a trust facilitating a one-generation succession of assets or are in need of a dynasty trust to hold wealth across multiple generations, we can provide creative solutions that achieve your ambitions. Our multi-jurisdictional grasp of trust law means we are well-placed to support families who live in different locations, including where complex global tax and financial planning issues may impact the trusts required.

EMA Solutions also regularly advises commercial clients on where trusts can play a crucial role in their transactions. We offer innovative advice on the use of trusts as security measures, investment vehicles and other wider purposes. 
As well as the use and creation of trusts, we can support trustees in understanding and performing their duties. If things go wrong, our dispute resolution team can help to resolve any issues with care and empathy.
Our trusts lawyers’ technical knowledge is unsurpassed. Whether you need help as an individual or commercial client with establishing, managing, altering or ending your trust, you can depend on our pragmatic, tax-aware advice.



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